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13-04-11, 23:46
hello, I come from Switzerland and I’m going to talk about a science fiction technology : anti-gravity.
(sorry I’m not good at English but I’ll do my best)

I want opinions on a hypothesis.

My grandfather is 87 and he was a soldier during the Second World War. He told me that he was the friend of Viktor Schauberger, a scientist who worked for the Department of Science and Technology for the 3rd reich during the second world war. Schauenberger told him that he worked on an anti-gravity project called ''Die Glocke'' or the bell in english. This project was created for the luftwafe to help germans to have an overwhelming superiority against the allies. Shauenberger said that he had created a protoype working with air propulsion to find the best shape to use an anti-gravity system. when he found the perfect shape for his new device they decided to create and to name the project ''the bell'', because bell's shape was the best one to devellop this anti-gravity technology. 3 months before war's ending my grandfather recieved a letter from Schauenberger and he does always have it. Schauenberger wrote to my grandfather that he created the first flying saucer and it was called ''Vril 7''. This machine was the first prototype of the anti-gravity technology and shauenberger said that it worked well and that men could controll it. At the end's war Schauenberger's department director, doktor Heinz Friedrich Kammler ran away with the plans of the flying saucer to a presumed nazi base established in Antarctic. When amercicans won the war they decided to leave freely some german scientists and in exchange to recruit them and steal german technology for their own profit. This operation was called ''Paper Clip''. Schauenberger gave his prototypes plans (Heinz took the others with him) to the americans and he worked in association with them. The americans created their own prototype with air propulsion called avrocar, you can see it in videos from military archives on the internet. After Schauenberger's death his son helped the americans to create the avrocar. My grandfather says that americans have found the plans of the bell and it's why now humans say that they see UFO's and other flying objects in the sky. For him Americans developed this technology and anti-gravity is not a science fiction.

what to believe? I think that this story is amazing, but can i trust my grandfather and he is aged ?. Moreover there are lots conspiracy theorists talking about that. I asked my grandmother and she said me that he was not mad, he didn't lie to me and that she knew Victor Schauenberger too. One thing is sure for me if Unidentified flying objects which uses anti-gravity technology exist they are an human phenomenon. I think that a human explanation is more realistic than a not credible extraterrestrial explanation.

in your opinion does this technology really exists ?

14-04-11, 00:30
Occam's razor: what's the simpler explanation? That people see UFO's because German anti-gravity technology has been taken and hidden from the public? Or that people aren't good at interpreting things and associate pop culture memes with things they can't explain? I go for #2.

Although, we'd all like to see a scan of that letter from Schauberger, of course. He was an interesting historical character, no matter what we think of his unusual scientific theories.

14-04-11, 05:08
Option 2 for me too.

17-04-11, 12:27
Hmm.. The anti-gravity ship exists. The hot air balloon for instance.
But airships with helium can work better.
Better than filling them with Hydrogen. That gives a BANG!