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27-04-11, 14:11
Today it has been revealed that the UK economy has returned to growth, hurray!
This is after the final quarter of last year registering a contraction of 0.5%.

So how big a growth have we seen in the last 3 months 2% (you wish Mr Osbourne) lets be realistic 1%?

.....drum roll.....:rolleyes2:

0.5% growth for the first quarter of 2010. :dunce: < that's not a party hat for you Tories out there.

So over a six month period the UK economy has seen ZERO growth. Might I also mention we are only now starting to see the cuts occur so this dip is pre-austerity!

"That's it man, game over man, game over!" Hudson - Aliens :grin:

Anyone know how I go about emigrating to Australia or America, my Chinese is not up to much and I'm too scared of radioactive Godzillas in Japan?

09-06-11, 21:15
World Business: "Last weekend billions of people around the world watched the British Royal Wedding on television and next year millions more will tune in when the country hosts the Olympic Games. For a small island nation the UK may still punch above its weight, but there is little doubt its glory days are over."

Watch Video Report (http://www.youtube.com/user/worldbusiness#p/u/8/HGJWn3BCnbk)

09-06-11, 21:19
If you want to put this recession into perspective have a look at this chart.


10-06-11, 13:42
if you have to pay helps for the PIGS is a miracle you haven't bankrupted

10-06-11, 15:11
If you have to pay helps for the PIGS is a miracle you haven't bankruptedWhy do you call them "PIGS"?

Anton, Bear's den
10-06-11, 21:47
Why do you call them "PIGS"?

PIGS is abbreviation of troubled countries: Portugal, Ireland, Greece & Spain.

Hitler already have a solution of that issue


11-06-11, 00:17
hahahahahahahahaha very funny and excellent video. But germans forget that by helping Greece, Ireland and other PIGS nations they are actually trying to save GERMAN BANKS (which hold great part of the PIGS's debt), and are also in a big sh*t. I see that arrogance is not exclusive of spaniards.

15-06-11, 14:27
In graphics: Rising Asia

The BBC's Power of Asia season examines how economies in the region have changed over the past 30 years. Use the chart builder below to compare countries in terms of wealth, health, life expectancy, education and energy consumption.

GO TO CHART BUILDER! (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-13746908)