View Full Version : Discussing European missile defense program

03-05-11, 16:01
Early in March this year Washington, according to its commitments on defending Europe from the Iranian threat, began to implement its plans to deploy a missile defense system in Europe.
At the first stage of European missile defense prolonged program (it is planned to be completed by 2020) USS Monterey armed with Aegis air defense multipurpose system was dispatched to the Mediterranean.
According to American military experts, the conception of European missile defense system includes deployment of radar stations on the ships, i.e. sea-based radars. And such a solution to the problem inevitably entails quite a number of technical problems.
Firstly, the very idea of deploying radar systems onboard the ships supposes that a sea-based radar station should have very large, at least 5000 km, working range, and in its turn that determines strict requirements for the radar's positioning accuracy and stability. And it's not that easy to meet the requirements while deploying radars onboard the ships.
Secondly, some experts believe that the idea of deploying interceptor missiles onboard the ships is wrong. In this case it's very difficult to set a missile in an accurate position at the time of launching, but that's the main condition of hitting a target. In this case it's of crucial importance, so that an interceptor missile could shoot an enemy missile down.
Finally, the onboard homing guidance system of each interceptor missile can't guarantee high accuracy of interception.
Military specialists have come to the same conclusion – a net of ground-based radar systems is essential for proper functioning of European missile defense system. But the Europeans haven't got such a net yet. It'll be extremely difficult for us to create a regional missile defense system without appropriate cooperation with Russia and without exploiting its radars. As for Russia, it says it's ready to cooperate on equal terms.
So at present Europe faces a dilemma: to consider all the pros and contras and to devote itself to protection of common home called European continent or to blindly trust the Americans, whose interests in this case don't meet the interests of the Europeans.