View Full Version : Who should be the next IMF director?

25-05-11, 11:11
Who do you think should be the next IMF director?

Should it go to a European or should an emerging economy take the reigns.

Would a non-european candidate be a sure sign of a decline in European influence and power on the global stage?

25-05-11, 12:12

why we don't close it,
lots of money to do what?

the economic police of the bankers?
Not even Moody's GoldMan S, takes care what they say or do,
do we need the IMF?

whatever IMF says CDS proves different,

Argentina kick them away and is growing,
Turkey in 70-80 kick them away and is safe, and became strong enough.
Only Greece instead of following an attacking policy, listen their advice and is ready to collapse,


IMF can not raise chinese currency, or do not want, Imf can not set the balance of EU and US$,
IMF can not stop the Money vultures,

Do we really need economy policemans with Porche or Bentley?

Does the money people spend for IMF worth it?

26-05-11, 18:17
Notwithstanding iapetoc's suggestion to rid ourselves of the IMF (which doesn't seem like such an entirely bad idea to me), it looks like Lagarde is running away with this. Although I tend to agree that she's the best of the lot that's listed in this poll, I'm surprised there isn't anybody here yet crying foul over her connection with Sarkozy. Are the conspiracy theorists about DSK's arrest throwing in the towel?

07-06-11, 14:44
I love how the media are suggesting that Lagarde is a good choice because as a woman she is much less likely to be a rapist.:rolleyes2: