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25-05-11, 23:05

Among the dozen or so faces are presented yesterday Benjamin Murphy thieves stole jewelry, diamonds and watches worth £ 1.6 million, "child rapists Benlaredj Fatah abused a 7 year old girl after befriending her mother , drug-Paul Walmsley supplying cocaine and heroin, and even leaders of organized-Mark Ronald Brown leads a band that matters heroin in the United Kingdom.


Spanish coastal areas are an obvious tourist attraction for many Britons. But beyond the rest and fun, the Costa del Sol also has become the ideal scenario for many foreign criminals go unnoticed. Thus, Crimestoppers 'charity' and the Ministry of Interior have launched a campaign that seeks the complicity of the English colony settled in the Malaga coast with the aim of which is assisting in the capture of the British criminal operating in Spain.