View Full Version : Tourism drunk invade Salou.

25-05-11, 23:30
In a Spanish forum could be read as follows:

Salou is eight kilometers from my house. There are many English tourists (drunk and serene) lying on the ground, it's hard not to step.







26-05-11, 07:41
And the summer tourist season has barely begun, there is more to come!

Greece has had it's problems with this sort of tourism too, travel agencies and tour companies don't help when they advertise holiday destinations as "fun and party in the sun" as such like.

Although, I agree the British do have the worst behaved young adults and children in Europe, I can't think of any other nationality who behaves like this apart from Australians. The mentality is that the only way to enjoy yourself is to get drunk!

Mzungu mchagga
26-05-11, 14:43

This is a German football fan from the club Schalke 04. The picture was taken at a Bundesliga game and went through German media. It has nothing to do with the British in Spain.

08-06-11, 04:17
I sadly have to confirm, I worked as a receptionist in Tarragona, 3 kilometers away from Salou, and it's dreadful. It got worse after Ryanair opened a base in Reus, less than 20 kilometers away. In Salou, it's possible to spend the whole lenght of your holidays without speaking a single word of spanish as all shops, bars, cafés and a good few appartments blocks have been bought by english people. Even worse, Salou has become a laundering place for the russian mob, who buys places and opens "Russian restaurants" . It is a massive problem as it drives the young couples away, they just cannot afford to buy a place in their village. On another hand, the local authorities are happy for the income and shut their eyes on a lot of very inadapted behaviour. Some of my colleagues have worked in Salou, and if half of what I was told is true, better avoid Salou if you fancy a job in tourism.
On another note, Salou is a pearl of a beach, from where an Armada of 150 boats sailed under King Jaume I's leadership to wrestle Majorca from the Arabs hands in september 1229.

08-06-11, 15:20
Salou a few decades ago was a wonderful family holiday, a quiet place with a magnificent beach, now everything has changed tourism drunk just looking to be induced coma.

Salou authorities try to make us believe that the hordes of young Englishmen left in Salou of 5,000,000 €, when these young people drink wine and sangria in Tetra Brik Don Simon, the Spanish brand that consumed as much for cooking, not as table wine Then based on cheap food and wine Don Simon did not think those young Englishmen left in Salou a similar amount even close.

This eventually will run out in Spain do not want this type of tourism, people complain a lot and eventually the authorities will have to stop it.