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06-06-11, 12:44
Just a thread to post random things of interest from the interweb.

06-06-11, 12:46
"A small tribute in memory of my aunt Mari, who died at the same time as the well know festivity of “Moros y Cristianos of Biar" (Alicante). It was the best funeral she could ever imagine, surrounded by her friends and family, on such special dates both for her and for the people of Biar" Watch Video

06-06-11, 16:21
Europe becomes largest continent on Facebook


13-06-11, 13:01
I don't know if its just Google maps but have you noticed that the road networks in Germany and France are insanely more developed that the rest of Europe? Is this realistic or is it just the map?


Mzungu mchagga
13-06-11, 17:39
Density of road networks correlates with population density. When I look at the map, there is nothing surprising IMO.

15-06-11, 09:55
Forests in Europe are growing!!! :good_job:


16-06-11, 09:56
It wasn't a cliché...Americans students are ignorants...


13-10-11, 09:21
Of course, it brings to think about the issue quite seriously.

25-11-11, 14:02
The thing with us is that people here live in extreme, there are geniuses who would prove even Professor wrong and then there are those who would even surprise teenagers for their common sense. It is also to be blamed about our lifestyle, either there is so much happening or people pretend to be having so much going on in life that they do not take things seriously. Ask an American about sports other than we have and they wouldn't know a bit. Many don't even know about Beckham and Manchester United.