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08-06-11, 15:53
Swiss-born Stephan Eicher is probably one of the most ecclectic European artists language-wise. Although Swiss-German speaking, he sings mostly in French, a language he barely speaks, English and Swiss-German. I had the opportunity to see him live twice, every time he apologized for his very bad French. His texts are written by award-winning French writer Philippe Djian, he then learns them phonetically. Rather funny as in most interviews, previously rehearsed, he seems to have a good grasp on the language...
A great artist for anyone to discover if you don't know him. Favourites of mine; Déjeuner en paix, Rivière, Tu ne me dois rien.
His album Taxi Europa is definitely a winner when it comes to blending European influences.

10-06-11, 15:55
I thought he was dead...:indifferent: