View Full Version : The worst driver in Ireland...

09-06-11, 09:18
...is not a woman,...

The article dates from when I was living there, but it still have me in bits every time I read it. Gardaí are definitely the worst cops in Europe...


13-10-11, 09:13
Yes, it happens that way but we take time to understand the fact.

25-11-11, 14:08
Wow, this is so amazing, i can't believe a system error would be that possible. The article at begining made me feel as if i am going to be introduced to someone bad ass. Turned out to be a system error.

Nada noor
02-09-14, 13:43
Living in a rural community I find :-
(1) 4x4 drivers
(2) Old people that hog the road and cause tail-backs
(3) Boy racers
(4) Farmer on tractors