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Dr. John Prabhakar
17-07-11, 18:14
I have a theory that the Brahmins of India are the progeny of Abraham. After their arriaval in India, somehow the letter 'A' at the beginning of the name Abraham got omitted and the name became, 'Brahma'. The Jews were very proud of their origin from Abraham. they used to tell every one that they were Abraham's children. They told that to Jesus Christ once. However these Brahmins were not pure Abrahamites. During the time of the high priest Ezra the Israelites had kept Moabite women who were sent into their camp by their enemies through the cunning advice of a prophet called Balam. God had commanded the Israelites that they should not mix with gentiles, and if they did he would not be among them. God told Ezra that he would not come in to the midst of the Israelites unless they threw out the gentile women and the children born to them. The Israelites repented of their sin and cast out all the women they had kept along with the children born to them. by then many years had elapsed and the children had already grown up to be adults. They knew all the gentile religeous traditions as well as the ones of the Israelites and their scriptures. They also proudly claimed to be 'Abraham's Children'.
When they were sent away, they had no place to live as the various nations around were never allowed them to settle in their lands. So, they travelled and travelled along the borders of all the countries and finally arrived in Kashmir in India. There were already there many other conquerors from the northern countries . They introduced themselves to the local people as 'Brahma's Children'. Finally they became to be known as the 'Pundits', because they knew the scriptures. They also knew the Jewish 'Temple System'. The local people accepted them as the Priests of the Almighty. From there they spread to entire Indian sub continent and propogated their mixed religion of the Gentiles and the Israelites. Even though they did not bring any of the religious books of the Israelites, with them, they still remembered many of their religious theories. When they wrote their Vedas and Puranas they incorporated some of the ideas of the Israelites; they wrote that without the shedding of blood sins cannot be washed away. Initially they sacrificed animals and shed their blood. They also wrote that Paramatma (God) himself will be born in this world and he would sacrifice himself on behalf of all humanity for their sins. They wrote that he would be born to a virgin., and that he would be born in a cattle shed, and so on.
My theory is that Brhmins may be derived from the same genetic pool as the Israelites, and must be quite differaent from the other Aryans who are in India. This needs to be studied.
Dr. John Prabhakar

19-07-11, 17:16
I don't know if there is a relationship, but although haplogroup J2 is not between the most common ones in India, it's true that it's not rare there. I read that several indians belong to this haplogroup, and know perfectly of some of them since I invited them to share genomes at 23andme, just for curiosity. This is what Eupidia says, I thought perhaps the Middle Eastern expantion could be related to this theory/Story, since both talk about something quite deep in time:

Indian J2a
Within India, J2a is more common among the upper castes and decreases in frequency with the caste level. This can be explained by the assimilation of local J2a (and R2) people from Central Asia by the R1a Indo-European warriors who descended from modern Russia (Sintashta culture (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sintashta_culture)) and established themselves for a few centuries in southern Central Asia, immediately north of the Hindu Kush (including the Oxus civilization (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMAC)) before moving on to conquer the Indian subcontinent. J2a would have reached southern Central Asia with the expansion of Middle Eastern people during the Neolithic and mixed with the local hunter-gatherers belonging chiefly to R2 (and possibly some pre-Indo-European R1a).

PD: I saw diferent subclades of J2 in those who accepted sharing with me. Plain J2 and even J2b (more likely Greek) exist in them too, but probaly at lower frequencies than J2a.

19-07-11, 17:29
And also, Dodecad has an average for Brahui population. Depending what I read in google, some sources link this people with Brahma in origin. I don't know if it's true, I am not much versed on this, but it's true that this Brahui average has correlations with some of the Jewish averages: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArAJcY18g2GadDUyeEtjNnBmY09EbnowN3M3UWRyN nc&hl=en_US&authkey=COCa89AJ#gid=0