View Full Version : Link between haplogroup E and poor economic performance OT about the Aztecs

13-07-11, 18:51
the aztec and the inca races built two of the most richest empires in history... it never happnened in africa.

13-07-11, 19:00
Do you know Egypt? This is Africa.

13-07-11, 19:19
egyptians were rich but they didn't have more gold than aztecs or incas... plus, incas/aztecs were much more developed.

13-07-11, 19:25
Stop with the nonsense. Gold has nothing to do with development because it depends on the natural resources. But for your information, know that Egyptians had MORE gold than you can imagine, but most of them was robbed in thousands of years being hide.

The Egyptian architecture was almost perfect, they were the same or more advanced than Amerindians and, of course, hundreds of years before them.

Find another playground.

13-07-11, 19:31
are you sure? inca and aztec's building are in better conditions today... they were better constructors.

just compare aztec pyramids with the egyptians ones... of the machu picchu with the egyptians buildings.

13-07-11, 19:40
Egyptians constructed quite temples also. It is one of the most recognized civilization in antiquity. ┬┐What are you trying?

Your anti-E / Spanish agenda is terrible. There is no limit in your sick mind. Get urgent help.

13-07-11, 19:50

judge by yourself.

I have no anti-anything agenda. I like the egyptian civilization a lot. But they were inferior to the amerindian civilizations.

13-07-11, 19:59
You are an ignorant. The Egyptian Pyramid (this one and others) uses Stones with much more weight and greater size than the American ones. It's a concept of architecture that perhaps you can't understand, but requires of a higher development to cut, transport, and put the stones in their place. Also the antiquity and Erosion of the Egyptian Pyramid is more than the second.

You are so far to prove something. Keep dreaming.