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25-07-11, 01:15
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Which are the best Italian quarters in the world?

1 New York
New York's Little Italy is one of the most known quarters in the world.
In a city with a big italian community, this Manhattan quarter remains a milestone and wins the pole position in this list.

2 San Diego
San Diego's Little Italy was initially an italian fishing village, now it has developed into a commercial and residential quarter.

3 Cleveland
Cleveland's Little Italy was the place where was builted the first italian restaurant in Ohio.
The first pasta machine was invented here, it was patented in 1,906.
The quarter was also an important mafia base.

4 MoĆ²ca, Sao Paolo
Sao Paolo auto-proclaimed itself "Pizza Capital of the World", with 1,4 millons of pizzas consumed every day.

5 South Philadelphia
South Philly has always had a wide italian community; even if the place passed from being exclusively italian to being a melting pot of people, the italian inheritance is still strong.

6 The Hill, St. Louis
The Hill is the highest quarter of St. Louis, where there are many bakeries and coffee bars and where there is the Catholic Church of St. Ambrogio.

7 Baltimore
Baltimore's Little Italy is one of the most busiest quartiers for the restaurant industry.
The place is known for its open-air cinema festival that is on the agenda every summer.
This little italy has a low criminality index; infact it's a tight-knit quartier where people know each other.

8 La Boca, Buenos Aires
Builted around an area of the old port, in one of the most old Buenos Aires quarters;
La Boca gives off all its ancient charme, a charme typical of italian spirit, thanks to the multitude of italians coming from Genoa who years a way back inhabitated this quartier.
Naturally this place is full of italian restaurants, but it hosts too Boca Juniors, one of the most popular argentine football team.
Furthermore there is a street, via Caminiti, full of shops, bars and Tango ballrooms.
Italian cusine, a football match and stroll along via Caminito... a perfect day!

9 Taylor Street, Chicago
Thanks to its proximity to the University of Illinois of Chicago, Taylor Street it's the street where generations of university students eat and drink great food and wine coming from Italy.

10 Norton Street, Sydney
This Little Italy is full of restaurants and coffee bars; the principal square with a splendid fountain is surrounded of this haunts.

29-11-11, 06:16
Even thou I'm not from Italy visiting place like this one can really make us feel as if we've been to Italy. Specially when you visit Taylor St. in Chicago where you can find almost all Italian best food.