View Full Version : Surnames associated with Y-DNA haplogroups

29-07-11, 02:05
What's your surname and haplogroup?

29-07-11, 07:04
I don't feel like posting my surname at the moment, but I'll say that it's an Emmentaler surname, and that we've found people with that surname with haplogroups R1b-M167 (uncommon for the region, more common in Spain), I1, and I2*-A (mine; rare but seems to have a small concentration in the Emmental).

29-07-11, 08:22
My surname comes from the Venetian word for Magistrate = PRETOR, but its not that word.

R1b1c9 S-21

29-07-11, 09:56
This thread is pointless because people aren't going to share their surname with strangers on a public forum. Thread closed !