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04-08-11, 18:10
Music from the Southern Netherlands.

A mix.


Armand is singing a protest song.

Freedom is a Mercedes full topped up with petrol. :laughing:

04-08-11, 18:17
Wannes van de Velde.
From Antwerp.
Died much too early!


Well, Antwerp isn't Flanders. It's a Brabantian city.
As well as Brussels.

04-08-11, 18:25
Another Brabant group from the 70's.

Bots, a group from Eindhoven. Socialists with ideals.


What shall we drink, 7 days long.
We drink together, 7 days long.

04-08-11, 18:39
A group from Hilvarenbeek in Brabant..

De Veulpoepers.

2 emmertjes water halen. A Dutch traditional.


Get 2 buckets of water.

I guess it's a parody on the behavior of William III. (King Billy, the Orange fruitcake)

For your information.. William III, Prince of Orange, started a campaign against Ireland and France, with the help of the English. By doing so, he literally ruined the finances of the Dutch Republic.

And that's the reason for a lot of bad feelings of a lot of Southern Dutchmen for the Dutch royal family, and also for the English.

We always will go for a Dutch Republic!
Down with the cheats like Wilders and all the other scum!

04-08-11, 23:09
WC experience..

Sounds like the Brabant national anthem.. One of them..


04-08-11, 23:12
This one is a parody on a Dutch song...


If there are stars in heaven, it seems to be night. :grin:

04-08-11, 23:19
Another song from Bots.


It's a rather sarcastic song about the lack of interest of young people for politics and social activism.
This is from the 70's.. And it is still relevant!

And BTW.
It won't hurt your intellect if you try to learn some Dutch.

Mzungu mchagga
05-08-11, 11:27
De Bots sung "Wat zullen we drinken" also in German and it became quite popular here. Somehow the riff remindes me always "Cogli la prima mela" from Angelo Branduardi or vice versa.

13-08-11, 00:54
Well Mzungu.. There is a funny story about the start of the Bots concerts in Germany.
They translated their sons in German, in an afternoon, with some pints of beer I guess.

So.. There is the Dutch text...

"Dan drinken we samen, samen.. niet alleen..."

In English..

"Then we drink together, together.. not alone" Remember it's a socialist solidarity song!

But the first Bots translation in German was...

"Dann trinken wir samen, samen.. nicht allein..."

You can guess the German audience freaked out when they heard that.. :laughing:

For them who don't understand German..
Have a nice day. :grin:

13-08-11, 01:05
"Dann trinken wir samen, samen.. nicht allein..."

You can guess the German audience freaked out when they heard that.. :laughing:

:laughing: I understood it. Samen ≠ zusammen!

Mzungu mchagga
13-08-11, 12:25
LOL :laughing:
Just look up the word "Samen" in the translator!

11-06-15, 04:29
Thanks man!! :)