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05-08-11, 09:10
Hello, I am new here. I am very interested in genetics, history etc.
I have been reading/looking around the web for DNA evidence of historical migrations, national origins and genetic makeup of nations for quite some time. I stumbled upon this site several times and rather like it. I have a few theories of my own that seem to coincide with a lot of one of your members theories- Maciamo (I take it he runs this site)

I have a few requests that would make it easier for me and other non scientists to learn on your site. I understand it would take time to do and the answer will probably be no. I figure I'd ask anyway.

1- Can you put the autosomal admixture charts in one place on the genetics section of the main site? this would make them easier to find.

2- Can you make/post distribution maps of MtDNA and put them on the same genetics page of the main site like you have for the Y-DNA?

3- Can you make distribution maps of the main Y-DNA haplogroup E subclades?

4- Can you make distribution maps of physical traits including- red hair, blonde hair, green eyes, grey eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes etc? The light hair/light eyes distribution maps aren't very specific, blonde hair and red hair may have different geographic distribution, came from different sources etc.
I could be wrong about that but I think it is best to double check for verification purposes.

5- I would like to see the distribution of common european Y-DNA and MtDNA outside europe, like in siberia, central asia, india, the middle east and north africa as well. This would be easier to track migrations.

6- Can you make a distribution map of Y-DNA N1C1?

I have asked for a whole lot, too much I am sure. I know this is an overload of requests but I understand things like this take time and I think a lot of people may learn a lot from this.

thank you and keep up the good work

05-08-11, 10:21
If it's not on the site yet, it means that 1) I didn't have time to do it yet, or 2) there isn't enough data available at the moment (e.g. mtDNA), or 3) I am not planning to do it (e.g. maps for other regions than Europe, since this site is about Europe).

The N1c1 map should be coming soon.

You can find distribution maps for subclades of E and J in the study by Semino et al. (2004) (http://hpgl.stanford.edu/publications/AJHG_2004_v74_p1023-1034.pdf).