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07-09-11, 23:20
I am new to your group. I just completed Deep Clade Testing which further defined my Haplogroup.

I have traced my oldest paternal ancestor to Vardingholt, Germany in 1488. Vardingholt is on the Germany-Netherlands border, within a mile of the border.

I am interested in discussion on this Haplogroup.


07-09-11, 23:26
I suggest you also put the name of the SNP for reference, as sublcade nomenclature can change in the blink of an eye, hehe

07-09-11, 23:31
Thanks for the tip! Will post it under the L-48+ Appreciate your patience. Steve

12-11-12, 06:00
I am new to DNA testing and having a bit of a time reading through all the mumbo jumbo. My Y-DNA results revealed my deep clade as R1b1a2a1a1a4 L-48. My family came from Ireland and always thought of as a Celtic family. These numbers suggest a Germanic origin. At what likely period would my people have left continental Europe and made it to Ireland? Any other ideas as how to make sense of these numbers? Thanks, Andrew