View Full Version : You foul us, while we need you!

15-09-11, 14:42
God, dudes... sometimes I laugh at you, sometimes I cry... I see now you, alike our brainless Georgian president, are trying to find a trace of an attempt to repeat in Georgia African revolutions' scenarios practically in every peacefully held on our Georgian people behalf rally. Sorry, but actually I'm going to upset you on the issue. Here we're not going to repeat neither Egyptian, nor Tunisian, nor Libyan, nor going to follow even the developing Syrian scenario... as well as nobody else try to do it for us here. The things you see happening currently in Georgia is a protest of all the Georgian people who tired of lie, poverty and that "democratic" Saakashvili's absolute rule. And right now we would like to see YOUR support indeed. But as fact, talking so much about democracy, its values and principals, now you lay direct support to the authoritarian Saakashvili's regime instead. Double standards....