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21-09-11, 00:23
Hello there. Thank you for having me on your website.

My name's James, I was born and raised in the United States of America, although I have toured through Europe. I visited Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, France, Italy, the Vatican, Belgium and Switzerland. Iceland too if you want to count them. I still want to see Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Scotland. I would love to go back to Eastern Europe sometime, specifically Bosnia, to explore it more thoroughly.

I'm mostly here to find information about my heritage and hopefully answer some as of yet unanswered questions. My father and I have for awhile been trying to trace our genealogy to discover where our ancestors were from. We've run into a few dead ends and haven't been able to get past one ancestor born in Ireland in the early 1700s. We've already found valuable information on this very forum, and I hope registering here and being able to directly ask and answer questions will assist our efforts.

Again, thank you for hosting me here. In time, I hope to prove a valuable and helpful member of this community.