View Full Version : Subfora reorganised

07-10-11, 09:51
As you have surely noticed, I have created new categories and subforums in order to find relevant topics more easily. I have also added custom icons for many subforums. I hope you like tham. :satisfied:

07-10-11, 18:08
Looks good! I think it's an improvement. :good_job:

07-10-11, 18:56
Seconded, it looks very good. One issue I still wonder on is in regard for the thread ordering in the linguistics sub-forum. I don't quite understand why new threads would always show up on the second or third page or so, instead of at the first one.

07-10-11, 18:58
Yes, I like it too. Very bright and colourful, also easier to find the various categories.

13-10-11, 11:12
I just noticed that the new icons didn't display well in Google Chrome. I have fixed it.

13-10-11, 17:50
Works for me too, no more icons/threads problems on main page, IE8.