View Full Version : Introducing 'Experience'

07-10-11, 14:22
I have installed the Experience plugin on the forum. It will automatically attribute experience points to every user based on their activity

Awards and achievement trophies will be granted to the top performers.


Here are the possible awards :

- Most Popular : user with the highest reputation score
- Activity Award : most active user
- Posting Award : user with the most posts
- Community Award : most socially engaged user (most friends, visitors message, social groups and reputation)
- Frequent Poster
- Master Tagger : for tagging threads
- User with most referrers
- Arm of Law : moderator giving the most infractions


Unlike an award an achievement is not limited to a single user. There are achievements based on the number of days registered, the number of friends, the total experience points, and so on.

You can see who got each award and what achievements you have reached by clicking on the Experience button next to What's New under the header.

07-10-11, 19:16
Wow you have been busy. All these changes are going to take some getting used to, I'm still not used to the old way yet:ashamed2:

But good job, it is an added interest and should be fun.