View Full Version : BE Documentation will expire before it's renewed - must I leave the country?

21-10-11, 18:23
After applying to renew a Belgian professional card (so I can continue working as a freelance independent) a few months ago, the renewal is still in limbo. It will expire very soon, along with the residency permit.

What is the proper fully legal approach to this problem? Do I have to return to my home country and wait for the renewal?

If I am out of the country with an expired residency permit, do I need to apply for another class-D Visa to enter Belgium?

Is it legal to stay in other shangen nations with expired Belgian residency while waiting for the professional card?

22-10-11, 09:59
Have you consulted the Immigration Bureau inside Brussels' North Station ?

Otherwise, ask your local municipality (commune). They will know what to do and even have the power to extend your visa and work permit.

28-10-11, 14:30
I did not see an immigration bureau in gare du nord.. but I didn't have much time to look. I'll go there and look again.

The commune refused to do anything without the professional card. I asked them if I had to leave the country, and they would not give an answer.

SPF Economie (who issues the professional cards) is frequently closed. I managed to get there on a day and time that the office was open, but no one could handle my file except the one person that was assigned to it, and that person was absent.

I also tried "SPF Intérieur - Office des étrangers". The admin at the counter said he could not do anything, but he gave a phone to his office (the office that I was at), and said if I call I can get more information. When calling, I asked how I could get a temporary extension for my already temporary residency permit, and was told the same -- nothing can be done until the professional card is renewed. I asked if I must leave the country, and he said no, because my request for the professional card renewal protects me. Does that protection work well enough that I can leave Shangen and return?

I wonder if there is an organized attempt to introduce residency gaps as a means to prevent naturalization (as every gap resets the 3 year clock).

31-10-11, 14:06
I found the immigration bureau in gare du nord. They will only get involved if the issue involves a work permit. For professional cards, they said only spf economie in WTC 3 can do something (this is the office that is normally closed; the office sitting on the pro card renewal app to begin with).

So it looks like I've done everything possible, short of changing communes.

I would like to know if there is a Brussels region commune that is more accommodating toward immigrants than the center commune. If so, I'm thinking it might be worthwhile to relocate.

Maciamo, I noticed your post on Uccle commune, and I'm tempted. Of the 19 communes, are there any others that stand out as immigrant-friendly, or stand out as immigrant-hostile? It would be quite useful to have an idea of communes to avoid or embrace when deciding where to live.

10-11-11, 18:11
Can anyone recommend an immigration lawyer?

(btw, the reason for the lag is because the application was submitted in French)

07-04-15, 16:01
Could you please share your experience, what went wrong, how was it rectified, then how long did you have to wait until the new docs were issued?
Thanking your feedback; kinda passing through the same situation.
I look forward to your reply.