View Full Version : The question of the needed number of points.

03-11-11, 15:31

I made a post of complain in my first day, which was obviously not in this category which I didn't see, and I demand to the users as managers to excuse me.

This done, I propose that it would be in a part of the site:
the scales or points needed to access to the functions.

I know that we need "95" to vote.
But particulary, how is it about:
-post complete links, and
-make a quiz ?

I found not very logical, that a registered member should have such record of points to do this.
But I understand that it is good to know a little the members by some posts of their,
and the acquierd points, which seem to follow logaritmically the number of posts, are rapidly acquired to vote.

So how is it about posting hypertext links,
and quizz ?

Thank you for your answer.

03-11-11, 18:27
The quizzes are not operational yet. I am planning to release them soon. But perhaps are you talking about polls ?

As far as I know, users need 15 posts before posting URL's to prevent spam. I didn't set any minimum point, but maybe it is an automatic function that I haven't checked (the point system is also new from 2 weeks ago).

03-11-11, 18:53
Well, this is good to see that you know the pre-required for posting URLs.

-Yes, you absolutely gess what I wanted to talk about (I had to see my dictionary for what you was talking about), and I indeed wanted to talk about polls.

I thank you for having answered to my question.

So could I take a little more of you time, and ask to you what are the pre-required to make a poll ?

Thank you by advance.