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11-11-11, 23:50
According late blog news seems like Lukas Papadimos the new non elected prime minister of Greece is member of the trilateral commision


You can find them also by an Australian Sharon Beder: (http://books.google.com/books?id=y8k7swjAYSAC&pg=PA213&lpg=PA213&dq=Trilateral+Commission+Olivier+Hoedeman&source=bl&ots=Wj__ivSKEZ&sig=jjuuWNuR_iE6mbeP6yQYmlT5A1g&hl=en&ei=5aG3TqOZHIeEOv7c8fsB&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CCIQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=Trilateral%20Commission&f=false)

and some parts here

well known publication is the

Founder of that commion seems to Be rockfeller
and that they also connected with group of 30

and the shadows or

find more here if you interested,


Does anybody know if Samuel Huntington
was member of that Lobby?
cause if he was then it is obvious who these people are and what they want

13-11-11, 04:25
It might not be a bad thing to have someone who actually seem to understand world economics slightly better than the average politician...

13-11-11, 09:46
It might not be a bad thing to have someone who actually seem to understand world economics slightly better than the average politician...

Correct, you have a big right to that,

But on modern times and how it is done,
hmmm :thinking:

maybe it is Banking dictaroship?

compare also the Italian Monti etc,

maybe we overpass the people's will? just wonder.
maybe Europe is passing under command of a Bankers party like China is under a 'communist' ( :laughing: ) party?

the point is that no body of them is elected,

I had wondered many times, are we going to a global banking dictatorship?
were people's choice are just meaningless

13-11-11, 19:49
A point for you, these big shots have not been democratically elected. Europe needs a revolution, but are people willing to sacrifice their living standards for a "brighter future"? It seems that all Europeans are bitching about is losing their comfort. They do not seem wildly enthusiast benefiting from freedom of speech and travel. Twelve years ago, I strongly disagreed with the government of the country I was born in, and voted with my feet. Now, you have one solution here...

21-11-11, 22:55
Well as predicted

instead of 30 Billion E support to Bankers Papademos is talking about 60 Billion to support the bankers!!!!

I wonder what is Monti after in Italy
I think their moto is tax the poor to save the rich bankers,