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19-11-11, 16:08
Researching and evaluating the claims about the existence of alexander the great’s tomb and the arc of the covenant on the island of thassos.

"There they told me that when the gate of the cave will be opened dreadful things, strong wind, thunders, war in heaven will take place that others will be able to see and others not. But I shouldn't be afraid because it would be something that nature will expect though it would be advisable to go away from there since the whole earth will shake not just in Thassos, but in Kavala, in Greece and all over the world for all people to realize that what comes is so much important."

(http://www.metafysiko.org/index.php?module=writeit&action=read&id=43)http://www.metafysiko.org/metafysiko.org/contentimages/Image/Research on the Spot/6.Alexander the Great Tomb/6_map-5-b.jpg

20-11-11, 16:50
I thought Ptolemy highjacked his body and brought it to Alexandria Egypt.

21-11-11, 01:06
I thought Ptolemy highjacked his body and brought it to Alexandria Egypt.

History say that but there are many other possible places,
another story say that Olympias send 3 ships to selefkos Σελευκος to take body and bury in Makedonia,
a small tomb in Pydna it is believed by some that was Alexanders Tomb and the Beside was Olympias,
(The big one hides the small one.)

I know people who claim many other areas,
a story also tells that Roxane followed the body to Thrace.

although the most official is Egypt, Ptolemaios, and a temple of Ammon-Ra
or for some Samothrace (there were the marriage was done)
or mount Olymp (met Hercules) etc

If someone has money and can supply it is nothing to cooper with a possible searcher to get the possible glory.

My only hope is that area will not become as 1700 and Abba Michel Fourmont the destroy-maniac

04-02-12, 11:41
Archaeologists and Egyptologists are constantly unearthing things. Surely someone will stumble across Alexander the more they look. Hopefully the same will come of Cleopatra too.

how yes no 3
03-03-12, 23:37
before I start talking

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hm, i am not really convinced it is his grave...