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21-11-11, 02:50
I am starting this thread after the Spanish elections with knowing the results but since I am not a Spanish I do not want to talk or post something, I am expecting Spanish people, to do it,

I have also seen and read nostalgia for Francisco Franco.

IN Italy I see a big 'love' for Monti in Gallup searches, but I am not sure,

the only sure is my country,
it seems like Papademos or Bankodemos or Papatrapezas as Greek call him is already a persona non gratta by people,

the balances in parliament are plasmatic, while Gallup show that the old big powers are not even 50% as used before when sometime reached 85%

the last Gallup give big changes,

The cental-right bellow 30 about 25-27%
while second party in area about 1-2%
the Central left about 11-14% from about 40% before 2 years,
and an extra 2-3% in new parties of Central left
But the turn is pointed mainly in 2 parts
1rst is the far left
traditional communists (USSR style) reach more than 10% about 13%
Che guevaran's Left reach >10% about with surpisingly 14-16%
Euro-Communists reaching about 6-8%
that means that Gallup show an amazing >30% Far left wave when in past the ceiling was about 13-14% for all

2nd is the far right
the Nationalist are raising about 2%, in their party the feelings for Euro are strong, and follow Central European orders although their leader is more a British royalist like fan, but in their members there are many common with Germanic thinking,
The surprise is the Greek social-nationalist,
for 1rst time in Greece appear in official and state rulling places at the last municipal elections taking 4% in Athens municipal, in 2 years time they reach the incredible 8% in Attica area, and the 2% in whole Greece,
It seems like the the Greek-EU and the loss of Sovereign wake up a ghost from 1940, the Ghost of I Metaxas,
Greek social-nationalist are the second in raise ratio after che quevara fans
the difference is that Greek social-nationalists although someone expect them to follow the rest Nazi parts of Europe in supporting Euro and memorandum, they deny it,
it seems like their leader of '36 is alive and guides them to say no,
remember that if Greek nationalist get 3% it will be first time after 30's decade, their biggest enemy is Papademos !!! and the other Greek-Nationalists :petrified:

the one I do not understand is that why a crisis of 2010 instead of create new forces and new thoughts is waking ghosts of 1918 and proletarians outside Moscow palace, or 1940 and Greek ΟΧΙ !!!
who knows maybe we are in 1900 still. or it is a reaction against the ones who sold their souls???

the case of indignant movement seems that lucks of a party expression and is still under discuss many known αγανακτησμενοι do not seem willing to make the step to a political expression,
besides with their own way media spread wrong infos about the movement,
I really wonder how crisis effects other countries?? :thinking: