View Full Version : There is no gas in Ukraine!

Heavy Horse
22-11-11, 15:35
That’s must be a key direction during German companies’ negotiations about Ukrainian gas transporting system modernization. Why are you so rushing? Hasn’t notorious experience with Yulia taught you nothing? Ukrainians may tell anything they want about their economically favourable transit of Russian gas into Europe. But they’ve forgotten to correct that they’ve got NO Russian gas at all!
Practically Germans are going to invest great amount of money into charitable project of sponsoring Ukrainian high officials. It is no secret that Ukraine has got no its own gas resources. And recently Yanukovitch announced that his country will get along without Russian gas. What are they going to transport into Europe, I wonder? Ukrainians are cheating Germans out of their money. More likely that they will use that transport system for some inner usage. And button-down Jerries behave themselves as if they were born yesterday. Is it some kind of brain infection?