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24-11-11, 10:41
the idea get to me after a Nigel Farage speach in EU parliament

part 1
Van Rompay and Italy
the video is all the words min 1:58
when a 'European' decides for Italian people, when 1 man decides the future of Italian millions


part 2

European leaders especially Merc-ozy express satisfaction when Papademos was elected in Greece,
but lets see who was Papademos

source http://www.antinews.gr/2011/11/22/134738/

Στα 16 δισ. ευρώ θα ανέλθει για την Ελλάδα το τελικό κόστος του περιβόητου swap της Goldman Sachs, που έλαβε χώρα επί κυβερνήσεως Σημίτη το 2001 με στόχο να κρύψει χρέος 2,8 δισ. ευρώ.

Papademos was The central Banker who 'ccoked' and persuade ex pr minister Semitis to accept the swap of 2,8 Billion E so Greece enters Euro, in 9 years that swap become 16 billion E !!!!!

it is estimated that will reach 300 000 000 E at 2037 when it ends,
that man Papademos in order to thank him or to use him, Europe make him what? vice president of ECB
in case of thank, for what for charging Greeks 300 000 000 E
in case of use him for what? to cook ECB numbers?
in order to finish the Job Eu pushed him to Greeks to accept him as prime minister telling tat he is technocrat -> better than politician,

the result is
If that is not A European Junda then what is it?

what is the difference with 1967-1974 USA junda in Greece,
they had the same, the traitor's king acceptance, who accepted their oath,
same today they have the -non accepted by people- parliament bless

and my question is who is behind?
some Bankers trust? or some other countries trust? or some politicians trust?
or whoever's trust?

simply Europe Union becomes Hypocritical, and instead of saving each other culture, become an arena of BIG -Sharks, at least for me,

Part 3
until 70-80's the Dictators were mainly military men,
it seems like future dictators will be Bankers

Spion Stirlitz
24-11-11, 16:55
Hello, @Yetos...

First I wish to clarify that most people will recognize "junda" with the spelling "junta".


"Junta" is a Spanish word popularized by the military-terrorist regimes of South America in the 60s and the 70s.

Certainly, also Greece experienced this (altough at a much less cruel level).



That's true, @Yetos, far away as we are, we fear much that this global crisis of capitalism, will eventually lead to the return of some fascism and anti-democracy in the near and medium term.

For the Western Press, unfortunatelly, the only thing that will matter will be if "capitals are safe" and not the well-being of the populations. They will blame the populations themselves and the former goverments as "irresponsible", and that will justify all.



The Greek people has to be intelligent and stick together.

25-11-11, 07:33
Thanks for the link Yetos, it was quite funny looking at the expressions on some faces during that speech!

And as much as it hurts to agree with a right-wing conservative like Nigel Farage, I must say he does have a point.

Although Farage is leader of the Eurosceptic group Europe of Freedom and Democracy, so it is easy to see where he is coming from. At least, unlike many in the EU parliament, Farage was actually elected to be there.

26-11-11, 16:39
Thanks for sharing the video, Yetos, I had a great time watching it, the face of Hermann is priceless. Farage knows how to steal the show, he should get a wider audience among European citizens. I'd love to see a reformed Europe where we could all vote for independents from anywhere in the EU, Farage would surely stir up some serious trouble...

02-12-11, 12:58
Well it seems that the Junta is marching,

Mercel promoted a German minister named Hans Fuhtel (sory I try to translated from Greek)


as !!!!!!! Minister of Greece !!!!!

http://news247.gr/ellada/politiki/yfypoyrge_fouxtel_sou_exoyme_etoimasei_edra_sto_di stomo.1520031.html

that move is pushing traditional central rights powers to start rebeling the chief of central right party,

and promoting division,
It seems like Greece is after new division and new parties, the one who support the German solution and German Junda and the ones who opsse

surely as a parliament member said, his ministry must be build and centered at Distomo,


the case is taking enormous dimension since in Greece every body is selling Euros and buys dollars or brittish sovereigns, (gold coins)

market and banks are lucking of US dollars gold coins (austrian dukats and brittish sovereigns)
since the demand in huge,
remember in summer the quantities of Swiss francs that sold in Greece in spring raise the swiss franc high,

seems like Greeks are pushing the case in order not to lose their sovereign,
http://news247.gr/oikonomia/oikonomika/to_dolario_ethniko_nomisma_ths_elladas.1518693.htm l

well I do not know the future but seems that greece is divided to 2 parts surely,

and the gallup show that german's allies and Euro friends are loosing in votes, Greek far left estimated at >30% whike Greek far right is divided to Euro and Greco nationalists giving big raise to the second which may enter for 1rst time in parliament but where? seems like if they enter the Eu parliament they will follow the Nigel's party, !!!!

seems like the solution is
1) Greece a German protectorate
2) greece against Eu
3) Greece under civil war

the demonstations have stop and are low in power,
do not know why, but the most people are buying what ever metal (gold silver) or what ever non EU currency

at 9 december there is a meeting of 27,
lets see

if EU is about to become a USE seemslike big changes are about to be done,
lets see,

simply the case of reichbach and Fuxhtel today more and more are turning Greeks against EU

Spion Stirlitz
24-12-11, 06:46
This article expands the idea of Yetos...

"Undead: The phanton of Pinochet goes around in Europe"

(Article in German)