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25-11-11, 15:21
Unfortunately, we shouldn’t expect any kind of positive changes towards the prosper countries walkout from the EU... Obviously, Merkozy are going to keep on strangling their people forcing them to save Greece and Italy... You know, it’s just a beginning... The number of countries which need help will just increase... For the sake of whom the leaders of France and Germany are enslaving their people? The only thing they can achieve is to prolong the agony of the EU. I feel really scared when I imagine the result of such a policy... Uprising? Civil war? As for me, Sarkozy is worth the destiny of Louis XVI! What about Merkel...it’s up to Germans...they have always been judges of executions ;)

26-11-11, 04:02
I strongly disagree, Sarkozy and Merkel are trying to keep the healthy economies clean, even though the speculators are on the lookout. Would the blame not lie on the people who put parties who squandered public money in power? If you are in Brussels, you know what I mean. Germany has kept a rather clean record and has been very straight about its economic record, and has followed a policy that favoured economic dynamism coupled with moderate austerity. There are lots of people living on the brink of poverty in Germany too, and some people having 2 Hartz IV part-time jobs earn 800 euros. German society is quite well stratified, because of its ruthless, unfair but extremely successful system of education. That allows the country to mould the workforce to the industrial and social needs with a minimum of leeway. The system has its flaws, but it works. Instead of bitching about why Germany, and to a lesser extent, France have such a rigid view on failing economies, it would be better to learn from their experience.