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27-11-11, 02:13

it is Gortyna Γορτυνα crete

Gortyna and Lasithi are considered the lands of Labyrinth of king Minoas

in one side is bull (zeus transformation)

in other side is Europa siiting on Bull and Eagle (Zeus holy bird) and a tree

only 3 exist in the whole world
Sold 479 000 $

pitty cause that coins belong to humanity and should be in museums

27-11-11, 07:28
Yes I agree, all archaeological artifacts belong to the people and should be available to everyone in museums. Whatever the artifact may be, it is the inheritance of a nation and should not be a private collection for the enjoyment of only one person.

Unfortuantely it doesn't work that way, and then there is the black market trade in antiquities which is a whole other story.......

29-11-11, 17:03
the most ancient coin we know

is the Cypriot ταλλαντο (talent)

it was made by copper (κυπρος) and weight 26-30 kilos

it had the shape of a lamb fleece


talant was also known in Hommer but as a mass comparing measure
they had a balance and in one size they put metrical vases with water and in other the things,
about 24-26 kilos also

29-11-11, 17:16
First coins

well scientists still arque if first coins were from Lydia or Aegina

from the archaological we found these 2 coins


The Greek Drachmi of Aegina is considered about 750 BC
SURELY is the First world wide coin with today meaning (exchange and not mass compare, not a stater (static))
it is consider the most ancient all over the world and it is made in Europe

the other coin fights Drachma for time of mint,
the Lion


the Lydian lion seems to be 50-100 years later but surely is the first mixed coin (karats method)
it is made by gold, silver and copper in a method call electrum

it is consider the coin of the most rich man ever the Croesus
although it might is 100 years earlier

29-11-11, 23:03
The Makedonian coins

the fist coins of Makedonia had the favotite theme of Makedonians the Horse
the Makednos favorite animal,


later the Κοινον Μακεδονων made the first Bronze coin
the most famous and the most world wide is the Makedonian 4δραχμον tetradrachmon
you can find them un 3 continents Europe africa Asia, from western Europe to India and from Caucas to Sudan

bronze 4drachmes

the first coin Alexander's mint print is the bellow

http://rg.ancients.info/alexander/Tet_Amphilpolis_P78_herm_r.jpg http://rg.ancients.info/alexander/Tet_Amphilpolis_P78_herm_o.jpg

there is also that coin

this one is possible mint in Gordium phrygia we can read ΑΣΙΑ asia above

another famous Makedonian coin


29-11-11, 23:10
Other famous Greek coins

Syracuse Sicily



miletus coins,
compare the Sun of miletus with Makedonian sun

also the swastig of Pelasgians is many coins like the above 1rst
Makedonian and Kythnos thera etc,



Phoκaian Grιffin γρυπων
αλσο Μακεδονιαν Καυσια (beret) and swastig
http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/greece/ionia/phokaia/BMC_101.jpg http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/greece/ionia/phokaia/BMC_082.jpg


Trikka thessaly


29-11-11, 23:48
Coins of land around Troy
Aeolis land coins



30-11-11, 00:08
the most ancient Roman coin I manage to find is a tituria with a head of Janus (zeus)

http://www.gadoury.com/foto/monete/medie/1264694642(1).gif http://www.gadoury.com/foto/monete/medie/1264694642.gif