View Full Version : H5 n1

11-12-11, 19:33
does anobody knows about a new H5N1 virus?

is mutated in a lab?

I just wonder, cause by what I heard in Malta we had an announce by Ron Fouchier

has anybody a clear information?

13-12-11, 03:56
I read something indeed about a potentially lethal virus developed in a lab. Might just be a hoax for a cheap Hollywood movie release though...

13-12-11, 11:05
yes I also heard the same about a mass killing virus,

but still I do not know,
may be hollywood movies,
maybe find the anti and then release (industrial omerta)
or even maybe military omerta.

or just o ahoax for some to make impressions,

but no matter what H5N1 is a dangerous virus with modern times history,