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19-12-11, 19:20
Two global experiments, both very similar to each other, showing variation between popultions in a simple way. I noticed diferences in my results, as others surely did too.


Let's see then what peculiarities can we remark and which one seems to be better. Possiby the World9 is much reliable, because includes more samples and covers all populations for the first time.

19-12-11, 20:30
0.01% Amerindian
1.53% East_Asian
0.00% African
8.55% Atlantic_Baltic
0.00% Australasian
0.00% Siberian
58.22% Caucasus_Gedrosia
31.69% Southern
0.01% South_Asian

My calculations slightly differ from Dienekes'

19-12-11, 20:56
Dienekes' software should be always more accurate than DIY. At least, is what he said many times.

In my case, from the Eurasia7 to the World9 the little African is gone, but there's a bit more Asian now. 0.2% is Amerindian, which is noise as he says in the explanation. South Asian and Southern increased and the Caucasus/Gedrosian is lower now (quite low in comparison with the Spanish average).

19-12-11, 21:33
Good to know, thanks!

20-12-11, 12:56
It's very interesting checking the Greenland samples in the World9. One sees there's Atlantic-Baltic reported, and sometimes has been discussed the posibility of Viking presence or even a more ancient influence there. I don't remember the details now, however, it's too bad we have no samples from Iceland to see if there's really an apreciable amount of Amerindian ancestry as also discussed some time ago (with not much consistent arguments I must say). Well, I highly doubt it would come out something significant, but I'm still curious about this.