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Cristina. The wife.
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Juan Carlos y Sofía. In-laws.

Parents. Juan Undargarin and Claire Liebaert.

Iñaki Undargarin Liebaert.
The husband, the son-in-law and the son.


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Player of handball before marrying Infanta Cristina.

After his marriage to the Infanta Cristina. Iñaki Undargarin buying a mansion worth 6 million euros more the reform that cost 2 million euros.


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The notes of "Iñaki suspensitos"
Iñaki Urdangarin say took his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the very prestigious ESADE business school in just one year, when it is normal to spend 18 months elbows bowed. That's a fact. The urban legend that the speed has also given the title was due more to a point of contact that the intellectual capacities of the character itself. This is speculation.
What it is not conjecture is that this young fellow of 1.97 meters and 97 kilos of pure muscle was not particularly gifted for something essential for any businessman: mathematics. That was not a man of science, and certainly not of letters, they show their school grades, which led her school in Vitoria him being called 'Iñaki suspensitos. "

First and second BUP (Polyvalent Unified Baccalaureate) courses in Barcelona and third BUP and COU (University Orientation Course) in the Basque capital, Vitoria. City, by the way, where he lived shortly after coming into the world in Zumarraga (Guipúzcoa) 43 years ago. All of which debunks the alleged nationalist affiliation has been attributed since the little girl ennovió the King of Spain.

In the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Barcelona, ​​the Jesuits remember him as one of the less bright students who passed through their classrooms. In BUP first ended with two suspended in June, one in Spanish Language and Literature and another in Catalan. The husband of the Infanta Cristina, who at that time, 1983, did not dream of marry into royalty, adopted in September Catalan. But literature was left for the next year. The suspense is finally transformed into a more decent "enough" in June, but 1984.

Second BUP again be an ordeal for the sixth of seven children of the marriage between the Spanish Juan María Clara Urdangarin Liebaert and Belgium. The yernísimo won six approved. The highest rating, a "remarkable", she gave in Religion, and the lowest were the three "insufficient" in Language and Literature, Mathematics and Catalan and again. Physical Education and the review because it was excluded for reasons unknown, it is unclear if their status as national sport starlet or an injury. Catalan language and left behind a nightmare summer in September 1984, but soon even approve Math another year. It would have to wait for the June, 1985.

In Ecuador full of 80 industrial engineer Juan María Clara Urdangarin Liebaert and returned to the city with the highest quality of life in Spain, Vitoria. Municipality, of course, they knew well because he had settled in just married in the late 50. And the ruddy stem was enrolled in the Colegio Santa María del Pilar de la Vitoria Street Luis Heinz. The center to send their children to the families of the upper middle class nurtured Vitoria, made up mostly of professionals and entrepreneurs.

No one knows why, but his grades plummeted. Most striking is that in mathematics went from "poor" of the Jesuits from Barcelona to "very poor" of the Marianists in Vitoria. The fact is that the 'Mates' were you hanging for the next year and English.

Another must have been torture for him the COU, especially if we consider that the highest note were two separate "sufficient" in English, philosophy, physics and language. And the lower a new "very deficient" in mathematics.

With this academic background in 1986 attempted an assault on one of the toughest and most prestigious universities in Spain, if not the hardest: the Navarra, governed by Opus Dei. His desire was to become industrial engineer. For this purpose filled his application, in which the most interesting are their cultural affinities. Declared a lover of classical music. "What books have you read in recent months?" He asked. Only one comes up: the first three men in a boat, travel comic novel second-level English author Jerome K. Jerome. When asked what book he would read it responds without hesitation: "The lubricant Crespo Mundi." Work that, in fact, is entitled lubricants in the industry. And adds: "I find it important Mundi Crespo (author's identity) as they understand that lubrication is like the soul of mechanics." Conclusion: your library does not contain more copies than a book read and the other for reading.

Lies and fat is their display of knowledge of foreign languages. Ensures that spoken and written Catalan "very well" and English "well".

Another deception is that they play to the rectors of the university when they question their level of English. The Duke of Palma swears that dominates the language of Shakespeare.

Man of the Year in Spain concludes his letter to the University of Navarra highlighting his passion for bikes, handball and expressing a wish out loud: "God willing I will get to play engineer and the senior team." God left him half: he wanted to fulfill his desire to be part of the Red handball but prevented from following his father's footsteps by becoming an industrial engineer.

Puts an end with a warning: "I want to go on and get to get what I propose." Boy, did it. Success, fame, being son of the king of Spain, a palace and money, much money. But perhaps in his notes we find the explanation to the question that half of Spain and part of the other is: "Why did so many proofs of their misdeeds?".



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Iñaki Urdangarín charged for their business at the Institute Nóos

According to the indictment, is charged with the crimes of embezzlement, fraud, deceit and prevarication.

The judge investigating the case Palma Arena, Jose Castro, has released the summary which included the alleged fraudulent activities of the Institute Nóos, then presided by the King's son, Inaki Urdangarin. In its order, the judge cited as a defendant to testify Urdangarín which he accused of the alleged crimes of embezzlement of public funds, fraud, forgery and breach. The appearance of the husband of the Infanta Cristina will be held on February 6.

Balearic government contracts and the Valencian
One of the irregularities which contains the summary is the award by the Balearic Institute of Tourism of the merchandise and the website of the cycling team Illes Balears-Banesto to society Iñaki Urdangarín presiding. To do this, the Balearic Government came to pay the Institute more than 115,000 euros Nóos even before the start of work and commissioned a legal opinion to justify false legality of the award.

Since it is a contract awarded by a public body is required by law hold a competition to ensure equal opportunities for interested companies and a market adjusted price. But the tender was never called and the Institute came to pocket Nóos a figure close to 6 million euros thanks to agreements signed with the communities of the Balearic Islands and Valencia, and other public bodies.


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The prosecution attributed to Iñaki Urdangarín forwarding money to tax haven of Belize and the United Kingdom


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Iñaki Urdangarín Liebaert deflected a million euros to tax havens in just two years

Information on the economic and social behavior in front of Iñaki Urdangarín Nóos Institute, and the other front companies he controlled, not stopped. Thanks to the information provided, following five requirements for La Caixa Judge Jose Castro, has finally been discovered that a million euros, the amount sent by the Duke of Palma and his partner Diego Torres tax havens of Belize and Luxembourg .

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And this is the story of Iñaki of a clever or very silly very clever fool who used to be the son of the King of Spain to benefit from public subsidies and believe that no one would notice or let him do.

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