View Full Version : Who were the greatest European scientists?

21-01-12, 21:48
Europe has been the birthplace and incubator of many great scientists. Who were the greatest of the past, and how have their scientific contributions affected humanity?

The Alani Dragon
22-01-12, 00:54
Marie Curie

She discovered polonium and radium

She was the 1st woman to win 2 noble prizes for 2 different subjects

She was the 1st woman scientist to acnowledged all over the world

She discovered that radium releives pain and suffering

23-01-12, 05:15
Very good. Although there have been many great European scientist Marie Curie entered my mind as I as was writing this question in the forum.

11-02-12, 01:37
Nikola Tesla hands down!

14-03-12, 22:20
Wernher von Braun maybe.