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01-02-12, 00:59
According to Hasan Küçük, these animals "belong to nature and not a house." Consider having a dog as a pet as a cruel act.

Councillor Haya by the Party Democratic Islam, Hasan Küçük called last Thursday at a City Council debate that dogs be outlawed as pets in the city.

As reported by De Telegraaf, Küçük said a proposal by the Party for the Animals, which considers that "we must take greater account of man's best friend." The councilman said the animal Islamist "dogs belong to nature and not a house", adding that having a dog as a pet is an act of "cruelty" against these animals.

For his part, Councillor of the PVV, Paul ter Linden, Küçük answered by saying that pets are a "norm" in the Netherlands, and which "do not agree, to move to another country."


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01-02-12, 01:35
I think there are other things that a muslim party may call for that people should be worried about.

Spion Stirlitz
01-02-12, 06:06
I is difficult that there would be a lengthy discussion about that here, since I think there are no muslims in these forums nowadays.


I knew that Islamic religion hates pigs. But after all, the most common use of pigs is as food, not company or "friendship".

I am particulary fond of dogs... but I cannot ask people on the other side of the World to share my views.

I think that the electorate will react against such proposal and against that party.

Still, I don't believe this bizarre (for us) proposal should be a reason to justify hate against people of a certain religion.

People can say "no", and that's all.


01-02-12, 11:55
According to Hasan Küçük, these animals "belong to nature and not a house." Consider having a dog as a pet as acruel act.

Wow, how harebrained of this Hasan Küçük. Dogs wouldn't even exist were it not for human domestication and selective breeding. Dogs are neotenised wolves, meaning they have retained a childlike behaviour and mindset. That's why most breeds of dogs couldn't possibly survive in the wild.

Perhaps it's time idiots like this be held accountable for their propaganda. Freedom of expression doesn't mean people can promote genocide in all impunity. And what else if not genocide is the idea of letting dogs fend for themselves in Nature. It is analogous to say that men should all leave the Earth to live on the Moon. No chance of long term survival.

01-02-12, 16:33
Quoted from the Virus of the Mind - Richard Brodie - Programmer of the Microsft Word

Pets have all the characteristics of an infectious meme.

Pets have all the qualities necessary to be a virus of the mind:
- Pets penetrate our minds by attracting our attention. The quality they have that gets them attention is something like "cuteness" or "adorability."
- Pets actually program us to take care of them in several ways. The animals themselves take advantage of the instincts we have to care for our young. The pet industry, part of the pet virus, programs us through television and advertising to spend more and more money on expensive pet foods and veterinary bills.
- Pets are faithfully reproduced, with the help, of course, of their own DNA and of the resources we devote to caring for them. But there's also a tradition meme working for many pet species in the form of pet shows and kennel clubs. People are rewarded for reproducing a breed faithfully.
- And of course pets spread in the natural way. They do this so effectively that we've noticed the problem and started campaigns to neuter animals to prevent unwanted offspring. Of course, eliminating unwanted offspring also increases the value of the faithfully bred animals sold by the pet industry.
Pets evolved to be cuter and cuter. How? The ones that weren't cute-that weren't able to command our resources, to enslave us into taking care of them-they died! It's natural selection in action: the cute ones bred with each other until we reached the point we're at today ... infected with the pet virus.

Quoted from the Virus of the Mind - Richard Brodie - Programmer of the Microsft Word

01-02-12, 23:46
Extraído del Virus de la Mente - Richard Brodie - Programador de la Palabra de Microsft

That guy will want us to spend 24 hours a day in front of a computer. The pet industry, what's wrong with that? The guy who wrote that must love your car over to his son.

05-02-12, 05:47
Sure, with no dogs, it would be easier for these feckers to empty our houses. I'll keep my mean Dobermann, thank you...

14-03-12, 15:16
Seems it would be easier to ban Muslims from the Netherlands? After all Dogs have been part of European culture from the beginning Muslims have not. If they want a Dog free society GO HOME . They have dogs I seen them in Mosul packs running wild in the city and countryside. Military Police could not let their dogs search a house. What they do in the Middle East I don't give a F%^^ about. But coming to our lands and trying to change our ways is more than I can stomach it goes on here in America as well

14-03-12, 17:18
This is just a provocation, these religious-based parties just bring us toward oscurantism...They encourage intolerance and social tensions, and above all they make muslims life in Europe more difficult.

14-03-12, 17:25
What they do in the Middle East I don't give a F%^^ about. But coming to our lands and trying to change our ways is more than I can stomach it goes on here in America as well

I haven't noticed any significant Muslim influence in American politics. Muslim immigration is definitely smaller as a percentage of all immigrants here than it is in Europe.

Anyway, why are we taking a non-factor party like Islam Democraten seriously? Do they have any elected representatives outside of this single city councilman in The Hague? And the proposal comes from PvdD, the least important party represented in the parliament of the Netherlands.

14-03-12, 19:06
True Sparky but as numbers grow more of them enter our political systems then something like this that seems insane could become reality

16-03-12, 01:32
You're 100% right, LD, they have developped their invasion strategy through colonisation. Funnily enough, the actual crisis might give them some trouble as the natives working and paying taxes that support them will soon run out. I also blame the '68 generation for allowing uncontrolled immigration and also ingraining the "Ponylandia" mindset in the local population. We were told we needed immigration to help pay our retirement schemes, but it turns out muslims do not participate in the economy and live in a parallel economy where every cent is spent in shops owned or controlled by fellow muslims. The set up of islamic banking also means they can buy properties interest-free and with far better conditions than the natives. And of course, with the consent of native politicians, these policies have been going on for years. Demographic projections show that by 2050, it will not be possible to turn the trend around...

16-03-12, 03:12
The Sixties Generation had unrealistic views and goals that all mankind could live in peace. The bad part is this generation now controls the governments world wide . They also thought that by allowing immigration from third world countries that this would make all nations one . And I think the final goal is one nation called earth putting the burden to finance such a place on the backs of successful nations. My generation from the 80s are far more Conservative and I think things may change in the near future some. I do think the love peace and bacon grease generation along side willing invaders has made the future uncertain and the end is always near "The Doors" JOKE. If the pen is mightier than the sword than lets forge pens into swords

25-04-14, 18:54
Every time I scrape something from my shoe I think, Perhaps they're right . . .

26-04-14, 02:06
Every time I scrape something from my shoe I think, Perhaps they're right . . .
LOL, good humor.

Miss Marple's nephew
07-07-16, 11:59
I fail to see what the topic really has to do with Islam, other than the fact that it was a Moslem whose proposal it is to ban dogs from the cities. I think it is a splendid idea. Dogs were banned from Reykjavik until ... uh ... I'm not sure when they changed the law. I don't know if Hasan Küçük's reasoning for banning dogs is genuine but I agree with those reasons 100%.

15-03-17, 15:21
Why they want to ban the dogs?

23-12-17, 23:37
islamic parties should better worry about human rights in muslim countries

24-12-17, 00:21
We get fined if we don't clean up after our dogs when we take them out. Plus, your neighbors would probably lynch you.

Italians are bizarre about this. It's one of those things I don't understand. (Most of them also refuse to have the males neutered.) Savona passed a law that if you bring dogs into inner, historic areas you have to clean up after them. It's about time is what I say.


So does everybody applaud this? No, the press and the public are up in arms about "banning" dogs from cities.


If you won't clean up after them, keep them in your own yard or paper train them in your house and good luck to you.

The fine should be huge. If I have to do it, they can do it too.

24-12-17, 01:22
Many Men feel empathy for their Dogs ( It’s Personal).

They see in the dog a reflection of themselves, and as such, just the thought of neutering, is unbearable and gives a sense of panic.

25-12-17, 07:11
Many Men feel empathy for their Dogs ( It’s Personal).

They see in the dog a reflection of themselves, and as such, just the thought of neutering, is unbearable and gives a sense of panic.

I would feel the same, which is why if I were to own a male dog I would think more than twice about neutering him. No male would want that. It would almost be like taking him to the vet to be put down, dead man walking. It must be a very devastating thing to go through, im serious.

Dr Daniel Junglehart
30-05-18, 04:10
Good idea none of us flawed humans should own these beasts there pests that psychologically harmed individuals surround themselves with if there’s a purpose for them food clothing pulling things then good but all derelict over aggressive wolves or early dogs were killed off just for safety reasons and now we have more docile ones not sure we can know exactly how they came to be but will make up something that sounds like truth but it is a waste of focus money time people living in places they can hardly afford with these animals running around the money wasted just because they remind you of a vulnerable little you you need to protect ban this practice of containing these dogs they will live on we must give up control ban this practice of containing these creatures.

30-05-18, 05:41
Pugs and bulldogs living miserable lives because of reckless breeding, vets sayhttp://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-13/pugs-bulldogs-living-short-miserable-lives-veterinarians-say/8348686

30-05-18, 05:46
Jobs performed by dogs:

“ ... Service or assistance dogs help people with various disabilities in every day tasks. Some examples include mobility assistance dogs for the physically handicapped, guide dogs for the visually impaired, and hearing dogs for the hearing impaired.

Search and rescue dogs
Police dogs
Herding dogs
..... “



30-05-18, 06:47
I'd rather have dogs around than hordes of illiterate gang raping migrants. I don't see dogs running smuggling rings for teenage girls ala Rotherham. Or flying planes into buildings. I figure they're less of a drain in proportion to their contributions as well.

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It's an insult to everyone who died that day and to everyone who mourns them.

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