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07-02-12, 18:05
Hii All, I'm conducting little research form my course work. I'm interesting in your ideas, please write you opinions. What is Europe from the eyes of Europeans ?

07-02-12, 18:26
Europe is ethnically a mix of the Cro-Magnon, Indo-European steppe people, and Near-Eastern farmers.

Culturally it is Greco-Roman, with Greco-Roman culture being a developed form of the broader Middle-Eastern/Fertile Crescent culture.

07-02-12, 18:41
write please, from the personal side, ask question to yourself, I'm European therefore.....

07-02-12, 18:54
Garota, this forum is not a place to ask others to do your homework.

Then why are you hiding behind a Georgian flag when your IP shows that you are from the University of Ruse Angel Kanchev in Bulgaria ?

07-02-12, 18:58
Thanks for advice, I did my job, I'm studying there, but I'm Georgian

07-02-12, 19:54
Hi, do a bit more homework looking through Eupedia for threads related to European Identity. We already said tons about Europe here.