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07-02-12, 20:23
Ever since I updated my computer to Windows 7 and Explorer 9 I have problem posting on Eupedia. When I write a post and afterwords when I press Post button nothing happens (this explorer window/instance is frozen) for good five minutes. It eventually gets posted, but it is a big annoyance. There are also occasions that posts act normally, posting right away.
Anyone else experienced this?
Is there there an update for BB to fix win7 or Explorer 9 issue?

There is also a bug in copy/past text. If I write something in MS Word 2010, some spaces are lost between words, and many words are glued together, after I posted it on Forums.

09-02-12, 23:24
I haven't used Internet Explorer in years. I use Firefox and Google Chrome, and occasionally Opera.

I haven't noticed any problem, but someone told me today that some pages outside the forum disappeared after showing for 2 seconds, also with IE. I will investigate it, but in the meantime I recommend using Firefox instead.

09-04-12, 00:56
responses very good! )