View Full Version : Who do you want to win the 2012 French presidential election?

10-02-12, 19:16
It looks like the 2012 French presidential election will be an interesting election to follow, although I think a prediction thread will be too one-sided. So, let's have a poll based entirely on personal preference. Obviously there are a few differences between this Eupedia poll and the actual election:

You can (and should) vote even if you're not French
We can see who you voted for
There's no runoff
We don't get to pick who is actually going to be the president of France (unfortunately?)

10-02-12, 20:06
Actually it will really depends on the results of the first row.
If Sarkozy doesn't pass the first row, it will be either:
*Hollande-Le Pen (very likely)
*Le Pen-Bayrou (very unlikely)

=>in either cases Le Pen would lose because all center and left voters will vote for the non extremist candidate.

In the case of a Hollande-Sarkozy or Bayrou-Sarkozy second row, it is hard predict something because the two candidates would be too close politically (on the european issue for instance). But we can guess that Sarkozy would search to appeal to Le Pen voters (which he is already doing) and would eventually win by a thin margin.

10-02-12, 22:21
Like almost everybody in France I have been disappointed by Nicolas Sarkozy. I was a strong supporter 5 years ago, but although his program was the best, he failed to keep almost all of his promises. I personally don't care about his style of life and craving for the attention of tabloid magazines. Some French people complained that Sarkozy had become too "American", but that's the least of my worries. Politicians can do whatever they want with their personal life as long as they deliver results. Unfortunately Sarkozy left a lot to be desired.

More unfortunate still is that there isn't any better candidate. The only viable alternative is de Villepin. I have had the chance to listen to a few speeches and interviews of other candidates, and they are all pitiful. Jean-Luc Mélenchon should be a one-man show comedian instead of a politician. François Bayrou is an idiot. Marine Le Pen is anti-EU. François Hollande has no ideas and no charisma. None of the other candidates have a chance of getting more than a few percent of the votes.