View Full Version : The big/old SNPs that R1b-L21* folks should be testing for

18-02-12, 17:19
I've done a little analysis. There are at least four, and maybe five SNPs immediately downstream of L21/S145 that all L21* people should consider testing for. Each of these four have people with large (greater than 20 @67 STRs) Genetic Distances (GDs) to their respective individual modals.

Below is a high level summary of these SNP's.

DF23+ tested&defacto=754 (includes M222)
DF23* tested=14; high GD:23 to DF23* Modal
DF23- tested=104, Firm Varieties:35 (39.3%) and Unassigned:35

L513+ tested&defacto=158 (includes L193, P66, L705.2)
L513* tested=64; high GD:24 to L513* Modal
L513- tested=77, Firm Varieties:28 (31.5%) and Unassigned:29

DF21+ tested&defacto=114 (includes P314.2, Z246, L720, S190
DF21* tested=52; high GD:21 to DF21* Modal
DF21- tested=149, Firm Varieties:42 (47.2%) and Unassigned:68

Z253+ tested&defacto=149 (includes L226, L554, L895)
Z253* tested=38; high GD:23 to Z253* Modal
Z253- tested=57, Firm Varieties:29 (32.6%) and Unassigned:24

The Firm Varieties % numbers in parenthesis represent the % of varieties/subclades in L21 that have been tested negative. This gives us some idea of the penetration of testing for these SNPs. A little more problematic is the 800 plus L21* people that are unassignable to any variety. They have no one's shoulder to look over to see who has already tested with what results.

Geographically, each of these groups are relatively widely dispersed as well. Z253 may be the winner here with folks from places like Spain and Switzerland as well as the Isles.

L513(DF1/S215) is found in France, Germany and Scandinavia as well as the Isles.

DF21(S192) is found Benelux and Scandinavia as well as the Isles.

DF23 is found in France as well as the Isles. Through M222, it's found in Germany and Scandinavia as well.

Perhaps it is really the Big Five as Z255 may qualify. It's got a lot of people but I don't see high GD's yet so it may not be nearly as old as the Big Four (maybe I should call them the Old Four.) Here's Z255 with L159.2 (Irish Sea) included.

Z255+ tested&defacto=125 (includes L159.2)
Z255* tested=7; high GD:10 to Z255+ Modal
Z255- tested=34, Firm Varieties:20 (22.5%) and Unassigned:13