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22-02-12, 18:10
Hello. I need to know the distribution of mtDNA haplogroups in North Italy and South Italy. Values ​​for all over Italy are not enough for me. Where i can find the distribution by region?

25-02-12, 17:44
This has an extensive comparative list of relative mtdna frequencies from all over the world, including 5 or 6 regions of Italy. However, it's complicated to read: you have to read ST3 to decipher some of the abbreviations. The study is interesting, but the goodies are found in the supplementary tables, which you have to download to read (or that's what happens on my computer when I click it).

Supplementary Tables (xls 850K) (http://www.nature.com/ejhg/journal/v19/n5/extref/ejhg2010230x5.xls) Sheet 9 (ST9)


26-02-12, 15:16
If you are interested in Sardinia (since that is in Italy also),there is a pdf you can found on inet,about mt-dna there,with samples taken from different places of Sardinia: