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23-02-12, 00:28
He has somewhat of an exotic look to that add that he has baby blue eyes, but gorgeous overall..
http://img.bonsai.tv/?img=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia1.bonsai.tv%2Fuploads%2F201 1%2F11%2Fvito-mancini-grande-fratello-12-avetrana.jpg&w=596&h=373

23-02-12, 01:49
Sorry Julia but the last picture is really spooky.
Watch out Zombies are coming....

23-02-12, 03:13
It is a grotesque look, somewhat reminiscent of that actor who starred in Frankistein young do not know, an eye looks to Vigo and one for Barcelona, ​​is creepy and the blue color still makes everything worse.

23-02-12, 16:43
you are both right he's a bit spooky, he would make a good role for his face in criminal movies.. his look is reserched for actors... to represent the gorgeous/gloomy man


12-12-13, 10:09
This guy to me perfectly represents Italians. Thick black hair, but take one second of pause. Imagine him with dark brown eyes and then analyze his anthropomorphic features. He can probably pass as an Arab or north-African; his genetic origin becomes questionable. But then you look at his light blue eyes; an undoubtedly European type feature; he is probably like me, a deep-rooted blend of typically European and Neolithic middle eastern genetics that produce quite the fascinating individual: the Mediterranean look, a blend of west European and yet something unquestionably more exotic as well.

American Idiot
12-12-13, 10:14
I was too busy looking at the female in the middle picture

12-12-13, 10:21
Awwwww ye-yuhhhh!

12-12-13, 20:27
Some arab and negro there for sure, he looks he could be gay or just a pretty boy.

12-12-13, 20:37
Probably not negro, that's too far.

12-12-13, 20:41
looks like a mixed interracial to me, moslty because of his nose. his nose is not European...

12-12-13, 21:31
Correct; he does seem to have the large flared nostrils of the Africans; possibly E3b? Just speculating here.

12-12-13, 21:35
I have a friend who is interracially mixed. His father is Nordic-Germanic Dutchman and his mother is from Suriname and she has African roots. He looks exactly like this fella. His nose is very untypical for Italian and Greek people. True South European noses are very different.

12-12-13, 22:08
I'm assuming this guy has more European in him and less African, but you are correct though, even south Europeans tend to have more Caucasian looking noses than him.

13-11-16, 14:59
maybe berberid.