View Full Version : EU quarreled with Lukashenka

06-03-12, 15:45
At last Europe has reacted at Belarus president's petty tyranny properly. We should recall our Ambassadors and set up a boycott to this despot long ago. Europe must not have any political, or economical, or cultural relations with Belarus until they would throw Lukashenka from Belarus throne.
Why did we do that just after incident with Poles? And seemingly suppressions of the common Belarus poor devils do not count as dictatorship display. We were waiting for some scandal with European citizens. What a disgraceful double standard policy! Honestly speaking I'm ashamed for our Europarliament and other high authorities. Our neighbor peoples are suffering from terrible vexations. But our arrogant leaders don't stir a finger to help them. They would rather continue greeting a tyrant promising him financial and political support, than rise for democracy defense. Howling shame!

08-03-12, 21:27
very well my friend