View Full Version : Abandon their careers, money, and others to be ordained priests.

07-03-12, 23:15
To the moral chaos caused by liberal democracies, German professionals leave their careers and money to become priests


In Germany the press is stunned after ten men, bright professionals from different fields, have left their respective careers, money, and others to be ordained priests.

Ten men aged between 30 and 50, and quoted brightest singles have dropped everything to be ordained priests. This is the incident in the Diocese of Rothenburg this weekend. Fact that has drawn attention to the German press. The Reuters headline oozing disbelief, "lawyer, doctor and economist, leaving career, money and sex for a clerical collar" and the Bild newspaper interviewed to ensure they are normal.

The testimony is poignant. One teacher felt that it was a fraud teaching English to teenagers oriented entertainment consumption and productivity and decided to move to teach values ​​that truly serve them for something. Another, a noted physician, says that before healed bodies and souls may now get cured.

So far have managed to challenge the German society