View Full Version : Demand for Electric Cars on the EU Market

09-03-12, 13:03
Dear fellow Europeans,

I am a student in my final year at university currently carrying out research on the demand for elctric cars on the EU market. For the purpose, I have designed a short questionnaire which will enable me to detrmine if there is a strong consumer demand for this type of vehicle. (http://forums.europeancarweb.com/70/9046576/tire-and-wheel/demand-for-electric-cars-on-the-eu-market/index.html#)

I would appreciate it if you could take part in the survey by clicking on the link below (It will only take a minute!).

Every step will be taken to preserve your anonymity and to ensure the confidentiality of your responses.

Thank you in advance. :rolleyes2:

23-03-12, 11:03
https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DemandForEnvrironmentallyFriendlyVehiclesOnTheEuro peanMarket

Please follow this link instead!

Thank you !