View Full Version : Haplogroup H7 ?

12-03-12, 09:23
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had info on the mtDNA haplogroup that I belong to, H7.. I have tried to find info about it in the past, but I could never find anything with detailed info on it or where it is believed to have come from, when, where it is most commonly found, etc. The information that I usually find is no more detailed then this- " H7 is a rare branch found at low frequencies in both Europe and the Near East. Further research will better resolve the distribution and historical characteristics of this haplogroup." I would love to know if anyone has more info on it, thanks :)

26-03-12, 08:41
bump?? I found ONE distribution map of it once, on the (now apparently defunct) dna-forums.org

23-05-12, 19:20
I have posted such a distribution on Face Book but I cannot post the link here. To locate the page, log into your Facebook account and search for H7 haplogroup.

This is essentially the same distribution I had posted on the DNA-forums.