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19-03-12, 02:42
I've had a theory for a long time about whether Y-chromosome haplogroup E was the progenitor of curly and wavy haired Europeans. It's quite interesting to know.

This is a thread to discuss any physical features

20-03-12, 00:39
supple wavy hairs are very common among more than a type in Europe
curly hairs could be attached to an other type
we have to be cautious, because the same feature can be linked to more than a type and because a very short waves hairs could be ONE OF the resultS of crossing between thick straight hairs and gently supple wavy thin hairs -
vey straight hairs are not so common among caucasians - to know the true nature of hairs you have to comb them the "wrong way" and sometimes you will be surprised seeing that hairs you believed they was straight was ondulated in fact -
for now I remarked that brachycephallic (even if not completely) population in Europe seam present more straight hairs than the dolichcephalic ones: but it is not absolute

20-08-13, 05:38
Interesting thought, but very difficult to say considering the original humans in east Africa, if they resembled African populations today, must have had dense, thick hair with very tight curls so theoretically all of the haplogroups have it in their history to have curly/wavy hair. Hair color and texture is a combination of genes just like eye color. It would be very difficult to say that Curly/wavy hair in Europe only comes from Haplogroup E. Also, curly wavy hair can still be found in European countries with very low haplogroup E