View Full Version : Let us know your opinion about potential new site design

23-03-12, 17:58
I have been working on new headers (http://www.eupedia.com/test22.shtml) for Eupedia. Please compared with the old headers (http://www.eupedia.com/belgium/antwerp.shtml) on the same page and say which one you prefer.

23-03-12, 18:15
The old one, for now. For one, Eupedia-logo-2.gif in the new one doesn't have the same gradient as the rest of the background, so you can see its box and that looks awkward. It should have a transparent background instead, or a very carefully made matching background.

Also, a good principle of design is that a design theme should be repeated somehow to tie the design together. But there isn't any black or gray blocks or gradients outside of the header, other than at the copyright, which is too far down to have visual consistency. I'm not sure how you could make that better... maybe by having the header color not stretch the whole length of the screen, and by having things like the text ads and travel guide tables in the same style?

23-03-12, 22:05
Thanks for the feedback. I tried the transparent background for the logo, but for some reason the text wasn't clear. I will try again. I think it should be possible to include a gradient in the background of the photos. What matters is just whether it is a good idea to have a black header that takes the full width of the page, or whether we should keep the current design.

I am also planning to introduce the stylised E inside the EU flag, even if we keep the present design. It will look more like a logo (I am already using it as the site logo for Facebook and Twitter).

Michael Folkesson
31-03-12, 18:27
It looks ok to me. Mainly I think that the current coloring is very bright on the eyes, so in that respect I think it's better. Personally, I would welcome more dimmed colors around the actual page body. My thoughts.

31-03-12, 18:54
Yes I see what you mean Sparkey about the gradient, but I think I prefer the dark header better. I take migraines and bright colours don`t help so that`s why I would rather have the darker heading.

I know it`s just the heading and not the pages so it wont make big difference to my eyes but as course of habit I always opt for darker, I even have my P.C. dimmed down as much as possible! :)