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06-04-12, 10:24
Is someone interested in helping me find a Japanese name that has a specific meaning? I need the name in English, not Japanese characters. I'm searching for a name that means, "my son". There is more depth which I would like to include in the name if possible: It will be an honorary name given to a talented Karateka. It is used endearingly.

In USA we have some sayings that express a meaning similar to the one I'm trying to capture.
The son I never had (but would be proud to have).
Adopted son (who I consider a true son).

If this is too much to combine in a single name, then "my son" will be fine.
Thanks for your help.

06-04-12, 17:03
You may have more luck at Eupedia's sister site, Wa-pedia (http://www.wa-pedia.com/forum/).

Rainbow Warrior
14-04-13, 05:16
My son in Japanese is segare, sotsu, sochi, or sai

14-04-13, 06:40
Thank you.