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15-05-12, 18:27
Are you someone who suffers shyness? Do you often feel awkward in social gatherings?
How do we get to be shy, is it something we pick up along the way or something we are born with?
I came across an article last year and thought it might be worth posting.

15-05-12, 23:30
Complex subject.
Not sure I even agree with the founding premise in that article.
Self as perceived by others may not be externally evidenced, that does not deny the possibility of the experience.

In a group of shy people who are the shy.

Many shades of shy, does that make us all gray.

16-05-12, 15:26
And the sense of self does not develop until approximately 18 months of age. Since individuals are not born with a sense of self, they cannot be born shy.

It might be true that we are not born shy, but it doesn't mean that it is not a genetic predisposition. Development of our brain, and whole body, is orchestrated by our genome from conception to adulthood. For example, one of the strongest changes of our body come during puberty. And we know environment doesn't cause puberty, it is entirely genetic affair.
Farther part about inhibited and uninhibited temperament might point us toward genetic predisposition to shyness. This is actually in line with my observations.

Interesting read, thanks hope.

16-05-12, 23:14
Glad you found it interesting Le Brok .
Yes, a little bit complex Jomid59, but a good read.