View Full Version : Cult Comedy: Europe laughs

27-05-12, 00:16
Humour is a universal trait of mankind, but cultural differences can be unsettling when it comes to what makes people laugh. Some subjects are sensitive in some cultures, others would laugh at subtle hints, and we all agree a good creampie attack is most enjoyable. I will try to reference a series of movies and shows that have cult status in their respective countries while not necessarily being popular somewhere else. I had the idea of doing that since, a few years ago, I have been puzzled while watching a Polish movie called Rejs with Polish friends. They were all in tears with laughter, while I tried to get the gist of what was happening. Rejs will be the first movie I will review. As my knowledge of comedies is only restricted to the languages I speak, you're all welcome to contribute and expand my knowledge of European humour.