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27-05-12, 01:09
Torrente is a comedy from Spanish director-actor Santiago Segura, who made a hit with the depiction of a despicable ex-cop adventures. The plot is pretty basic, but the film works around the characters, the actors, and the typically spanish street slang. The main character is a middle-aged Madrid ex-cop, racist, sexist, without any trace of morals (played by Segura) that illustrates what the España casposa is. Humour is gross and sometimes vulgar, but it was an immense hit in Spain and spawned 3 sequels, all littered by famous Spanish stars cameos.
Stuff of legend: Torrente is a royalist and fervent fan of the Atletico Madrid football club. In a nightmare, he wakes up in a bedroom decorated with FC Barcelona items, and speaking catalan. Priceless...
Famous line: nos hacemos una paja? pero nada de mariconadas, he... (let's wank each other, but nothing gay, okay)

27-05-12, 04:05
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